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Preparing You for Your Replacement Teeth

Dentures and bridges will be your lifetime companion when your real teeth are gone, so it’s a must that they fit properly and comfortably because you will be using them for a very, very long time.  That is why when dentists see conditions that might pose a problem to the proper fit and comfort of […]

A Sinus Lift for Ineligible Dental Implant Patients

Patients are evaluated carefully before we perform dental implant procedures because, unfortunately, not everybody is suited to receive dental implants.  Since dental implants are surgically embedded into the patient’s jaw bone, patients should first have a healthy amount of jaw tissue that can hold the implant to ensure their stable attachment. Luckily, there is a […]

Bone Build-Up for Dental Implant Patients

With the popularity of dental implants in patients with missing teeth, more and more patients are realizing the benefits and are making it their treatment of choice when it comes to replacing missing teeth.  However, not everyone is suitable to receive dental implants.  This is because the success of a dental implant procedure depends largely […]

Our Permanent Solution to your Missing Teeth

Majority of patients with missing teeth assume that their only option is to get dentures to replace the ones that they had.  Dentures require special care and are very inconvenient for patients to wear.  It can restrict your diet and it can be very uncomfortable.  It looks very unnatural and people just know that you […]

Getting the Wisdom Out

Many of my patients come to me out of curiosity to ask why we call it the wisdom tooth.  This is because the wisdom tooth is the last set of molars to erupt and this usually happens when a person is in their late teens, hence the name.  This can be a huge asset to […]

Deep Impact

I have patients who come in complaining about a pain in their gums that comes and goes or some who notice an unusual bump in their gums.  Most of the time, I diagnose these symptoms as signs of an impacted canine.  Your canines are the pointy teeth in the front, near the corners of your […]

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